Bharath Parthasarathy ([email protected]) Chair of Policy Advisory Group

Mary McLaughlin[email protected]; 404-413-2583)
Director, Policy and Accreditation, Co-Chair Policy Advisory Group
10th floor, One Park Place

Jennifer McCormick ( [email protected]; 404-413-2690)
Program Manager, Policy and Accreditation
10th floor, One Park Place

The Policy Advisory Group (PAG) is a University committee charged with advisory oversight of the policy process to ensure that all necessary elements are completed, and to identify overlap or conflict with other policies or federal, state, Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, accrediting bodies, or other applicable regulatory bodies’ laws, regulations, and/or mandates.  In serving such role, the PAG does not evaluate or comment upon the substantive content of any proposed policy.

Policy Advisory Group 2017-2018  Policy-Advisory-Group

Policy Stewards are subject matter experts in a particular functional area who are responsible for assisting with the substantive content for policies impacting their area. Stewards will also assist in identifying overlaps with other policies or conflicts with federal, state and Board of Regents regulations.  The Policy Stewards are listed below.

Dr. Kavita Pandit, Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs [email protected]

Dr. Wolfgang Schloer, Associate Provost for International Initiatives [email protected]

Dr. James Weyhenmeyer, VP Research and Economic Development  [email protected]


Dean Jeff Steely, Dean of Libraries  [email protected]


Renard Flot, Chief Security Officer [email protected]

Student Retention

Dr. Calhoun-Brown, Associate Vice President for Student Retention  [email protected]


Tarrah Mirus, Registrar  [email protected]


Scott Burke, Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Admissions  [email protected]

Financial Aid

James Blackburn,  Assistant Vice President of Student Financial Services  [email protected]

Student Accounts

Charmaine Daniels, Director of Student Accounts  [email protected]

Dr. Douglass F. Covey, Sr., Vice President for Student Affairs  [email protected]

Ellen Powell, Sr. Director of Strategic Communications,  [email protected]

Dr. Beth Jones, Associate Vice President for Auxilliary and Support Services  [email protected]

Human Resources

Linda Nelson, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources  [email protected]


Kelsey Roegiers Jensen, Associate Athletic Director      [email protected]

Kerry Heyward, J.D., University Attorney  [email protected]